Each room of your grow operation will have a different purpose, different needs and has to be built keeping those purposes in mind. The best way to increase your production is to build HVAC systems that will maintain ideal conditions for your plants. Your room will need to have the proper temperature, humidity and airflow to maximize harvests.

In the past, people have relied on using fans to bring in cooler air from outside their grow rooms, while pushing the warm air out. This method has several drawbacks, from possible contamination by bugs and molds to the temperature and humidity fluctuations of the season. By using a proper air conditioning system, you can keep the temperature within a 5 degree range all year and have the option to utilize CO 2 enrichment, which can increase yield dramatically.

The main purpose of an HVAC system is to remove the heat generated by your grow lights. A Tin Man has the knowledge and tools to design a system to maximize growth and conserve energy.

Other factors that can accelerate your plants’ growth is humidity control. plants respond well to higher humidity during the cloning process and the early veg period, which means that veg and cloning rooms may require humidifiers depending on the climate and season. If left unchecked, humidity can also ruin your crop; for example, high humidity in late bloom can allow the growth of molds that will render your product unsalable. A Tin Man can design a humidity control system to fit your needs.

Air conditioners are great dehumidifiers — in their cooling process the copper coils in the air handlers will condense water vapor into droplets. Along with the dehumidification achieved by air conditioners, most rooms will need additional dedicated dehumidifiers.

HVAC systems not only cool, they move air. Airflow is vital to a healthy plant canopy; it will help you prevent hot or cold spots and keep molds and mildews from seeding . It will also keep your plants moving, creating stronger stalks and heartier overall vegetation, which will help your plants support larger buds.

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